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All about Margaret Newman aka "Mereridkat"

Exciting facts about Mererid...

Fact 1: I have a lot of names or nicknames. I always have. Some people call me Margaret which is my given name. Then there's Maggie, Mererid, Mereridkat, Mer, Morgan (a name I've used on Livejournal, but it's what I want my penname to be when I finally publish a book), Meg...

I'm 48 (more choking) this year (July 12), I live with 1 cat now. Her name is Mia, she is a 20+ Siamese cat.

I have gotten back in touch with my inner artist. I'm currently unemployed, and taking a web designer course. It's been fun!

I started an e-zine, but it kind of fizzled out. Hard to get people to write articles for me, and I didn't want it to be all about me. I'm not that fascinating! So for now, the e-zine is on hold. It is still up on the 'net, there's just nothing new posted.

Mereridian E-Zine