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Title: The Children
Author: Margaret Newman aka mereridkat
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: adult
Series: No. 2 in the "Future Family" series.
Disclaimers: Characters and the basic premise do not belong to me. No money made, no insult intended.


Part One
9:03am, Wednesday


"Incoming wormhole." Major Davis shouted. Sam came over to his console in two strides.


"It's not time for SG7 to be returning." Sam frowned, checking her watch.


"It's not SG7, Major." Davis said with his eyebrows rising slightly. "It's SG1." He glanced up at her; their eyes met. Steps behind them.


"We have a problem, sir." Sam said before she turned around and looked at Gen. Hammond. "The signal coming through is for SG1."


"Interesting." He arched an eyebrow at her. Nothing needed to be said regarding the validity of that. Hammond told them with a furrowing of his forehead. "Leave the iris open."


The wormhole exploded with a roar as always. Soldiers pounded into the gate-room, rifles at the ready. They waited.


After a few seconds, two young girls stepped from the event horizon onto the ramp. One was about five feet tall, slender with light chocolate skin, and long black hair. She looked approximately twelve years of age. She held the hand of the younger girl who looked to be about eight. This one had bright red hair and pale white skin. A second behind them, a little boy ran onto the ramp. He had light blonde hair, big blue eyes and huge grin. He looked about four. He would have walked on down the ramp except that the eldest of the two girls grabbed him.


"Behave, Adam." She told him, "Remember what we were told."


He stood beside her reluctantly, his smile slipping a little. He looked up to the control room and his eyes got big and wide. He pointed one hand at Sam, but clapped his other hand over his mouth.


Another young girl stepped from the Stargate carrying a crying little girl in her arms. She jiggled the little girl, whispering to her, but stopped beside the first group. They, too, looked up at the control room and paled slightly. The next through was a boy of about ten years. Brown hair, lightly tanned skin. He stopped beside his friends. After a moment of silence, they all looked back at the gate. Seconds ticked by until Adam broke free, and ran back to the gate.


"No!" Sam shouted, terrified that he was about to step back into the event horizon and be killed. Her heart lurched at the sight of the little boy racing back to the wormhole. All he did was stick his hand into the wormhole and wiggled it around.


"Jarod!" He called as if the person they were waiting for could hear him. "Hurry up!" His child's lisp making the r's sound more like w's.


"He's coming, Adam, he was right behind me." The ten year old boy told him.


Then Jarod was there, stepping out onto the ramp and without a pause, scooped up Adam. He was around six feet tall, broad shouldered, solid and husky for his age. Dark blonde hair streaked with lighter shades, cut short in a military in fashion. His warm brown eyes flickered up to the control room.


"We apologize for the deception, sir, but we decided it was the lesser of two evils." Jarod spoke as he stepped over to the group, and with one hand patted the back of the little girl that was crying. The wormhole closed behind them.


"No!" Adam shouted at the Stargate. He smacked Jarod upside the head. "It didn't wait for Uncle Jack!"


"He was. uhm, detained." Jarod told the little boy, catching the hand that was about to hit him again. "Stop that. I'm not your punching bag."


"He isn't.?" The ten year old frowned up at him. The children all looked quite stricken by Jarod's words and the little girl crying got louder. "They didn't."


"No, of course not." He grinned at the children. "Come on, think of who we're talking about here. He'll be fine."


Gen. Hammond and Major Carter left the control room, walking swiftly into the gate-room. At a motion from the general, the soldiers lowered their rifles, but they didn't leave. Hammond and Carter stopped at the end of the ramp.


"Young man, perhaps you'd like to explain what's going on here." Gen. Hammond gave him an intense look. Jarod nodded.


"Why is this the lesser of two evils?" Sam's eyes traveled over the children, but she was drawn to the little boy in Jarod's arms. He looked familiar for some reason, though she knew she had not seen him before.


"We were being attacked by. a goa'uld army. We couldn't gate out to just any where, so." He shifted Adam in his arms.


"So we came when." Adam finished the sentence for him.


"Excuse me?" Sam half smiled, half frowned. Glancing from Adam to Jarod.


"Adam." The young woman with the dark skin gave the little boy a sharp look. He hid his head on Jarod's shoulder. Jarod himself was grimacing.


"This is really going to give me a headache." He sighed heavily. "We're from about twenty to twenty-five years in the future." Jarod frowned, shaking his head. "It's confusing. Eh, uhm, Major Carter gave us the coordinates to put in. If it's possible, someone, in a few days, will come for us."


"Uncle Jack!" Adam shouted into Jarod's ear. Jarod cringed. Gen. Hammond gave Major Carter a look that spoke volumes. She just smiled and shrugged.


"First things first. Let's get these children to the Infirmary." He nodded. "After Dr. Frasier checks you out, son, I would like to speak with you -and Major Carter- in my office."


"Yes, sir." Jarod responded immediately.